We create individual iPhone, iPad and Mac applications apps using the latest tools and technologies provided by Apple. We have expertise in native programming language Objective-C and we use the standard development tool XCode for a totally native experience.


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  1. Battery Tracker app is tested on multiple devices and multiple OS X Versions. It works on OS X El Capitan. Battery Tracker works only with first generation of Apple accessories such as, Apple Magic Mouse, Apple Wireless Keyboard or Apple Magic Trackpad.


  2. Andy

    easy calculator is a great alternative to Apple’s calc. the big feature that is needed is the ability to copy/paste the result or paste from an external text source. also copy from the tape. thank you for making this program.

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  3. Hello Roger Katz, Ed,

    For the moment we are working on some projects which require a few months. After that it will be an update for Battery Tracker app.

    Best regards,

    Vegh Ferenc Robert


  4. Terje Christiansen

    EasyTabCalculator seems like an interesting calc for everyday use. Has it a button for: π(Pi), √ (square root), and could you make a button for:
    Volume, the right part of the equation
    V = π r2 h = (π / 4) d2 h
    d = diameter of cylinder (m, ft)
    r = radius of cylinder (m, ft)
    h = height of cylinder (m, ft)

    I’m a forester and use these all the time. They usually are left out from basic calculators. Could you consider adding them to your calculator? An iOS and Android version is appreciated.

    Cheers, Terje
    Oslo, Norway


  5. Dick Lundberg

    I asked you why Desktop Board does not do anything at all after installation. I clicked on package Contents and in the Mac OS folder I saw the app icon so I clicked on that and it opened a Terminal window. WTF? When I closed the window a message appeared asking if I wanted to close the running program . WTF again? I left a comment in the App Store saying the app does nothing.


  6. Hello Dick,

    We cannot respond on the App Store. Do you think that Apple will approve an app for sale on the App Store if it’s not working properly? They don’t!!! You have to open the Desktop Board app from Applications.



  7. Hello Dick,

    What version of OS X do you have? Did you try to uninstall/install the app? When you open the app, an icon should appear near the clock, click on it and then click on the Turn On button, now you are ready to draw.



  8. Dick Lundberg

    It works now for some reason. Just updated it also. OS 10.10.5
    Thank you. You should put those directions in the App Store description.

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  9. Anonymous

    Hi, Just purchased Desktop Board. Very nice, better than the competitors. I like that it can be activated by the CMD+1 shortcut. And it’s cool that the menu bar from the current application stays visible while Desktop Board is active.

    I use Desktop Board for presentations to highlight part of the screen. So it would be great to be able to easily erase or undo the drawing. Is there a shortcut erase the board?

    A great feature for presenters would be the ability for the highlight to fade out after 3 seconds or so.


  10. Del Rundell

    I purchase this app this morning and installed it. I was anxious to see the notifications from it so that my battery would not go dead without me being notified. NO NOTIFICATION!!! Why???


  11. tscrutchin

    I love Capsy. My wireless keyboard has no caps lock indicator. Capsy fixes that. Great App. I request an enhancement. Could you have a separate sound for caps lock off. Repeat sound is far to annoying. I love the audible acknowledgment the I hit the Caps lock key. I would love an audible acknowledgement that i turned it off. Thanks for considering it.


  12. David King

    Like the previous poster I love the Capsy app. I had been looking for an app like this and glad I finally came across Capsy. And like the previous poster I have a suggestion. I would like to see an option to play the sound through the built in speakers. I have a nice pair of desktop speakers that I listen to music from iTunes or the audio for a video. But often I hit the mute on my speakers and then can’t hear the Capsy notification. It would be great if I could choose to play the Capsy beep even when my external speakers are muted.


  13. Paolofast

    Please update BatteryTracker to work with second generation of devices (Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad).


  14. andres soccal

    the application indicates an error in the battery level of the trackpad

    Real level is 100% – Battery Tracker sow 10%


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